Theme: ESG, Integrity & Anti- Corruption in an International Context of Compliance.
Thursday 4th & Friday 5th July, 2024 - Capital C Amsterdam



DeComplianceMonitor is specialized in assessement of corporate ethics & compliance programs to ensure that it can meet with the latest standards of ‘good business practice. The team of DeComplianceMonitor has been ‘tried and tested’ in maintaining high level compliance programs and related consultations with stakeholders, to ensure high level of integrity througout the organisation.

DeComplianceMonitor has been selected and appointed by the Worldbank to conduct monitorships of Dutch companies with international business activities with preventative, self imposed, compliance reviews to strengthen the compliance program, ‘risk based’ and well designed.

All members of the team offer the seniority, experience and expertise to assist executive management and supervisory bodies when they are put to the test. This may vary from threats of criminal prosecution, investigations by regulators, or involvement by other stakeholders, including banks and governmental organisations.

Foreign Bankers’ Association

The Foreign Bankers’ Association (FBA)  has been serving the interests of foreign banks with industry stakeholders since 1993. As a network organization, FBA ensures that the views of their  members are represented to Dutch and European legislatures, regulatory and supervisory bodies and financial services organizations.

The FBA brings together leaders and stakeholders and set the agenda to support the growth of foreign banks and the financial industry in the Netherlands.

Offshore Knowledge Centre

The Offshore Knowledge Centre, established in 2011, is a highly specialised company in the field of financial (offshore) services. Due to its small size, they are able to work quickly, expertly and effectively at a relatively low cost.

Fraud has been around for a very long time. But globalisation in the past few decades has made financial fraud a persistent, worldwide problem. Government organisations, banks, business service providers and other financial institutions are increasingly faced with the challenge of monitoring (international) legal entities and financial flows in order to prevent fraud.

University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is a TEF Gold university because of the superb academic and personal support giving it to the students. The university is marked third of all modern post 92 universities in the UK for research power in Research Excellence Framework 2021.

University of Portsmouth also has a Economic Crime Research Group, lead bij Dr. Branislav Hock, at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice (SCC).